Tracey-Curtis Taylor has completed her second grand journey, this time from the UK to Australia emulating the 1930 pioneering flight by Amy Johnson.

Tracey’s first flight was from Cape Town, South Africa to the UK. On both flights she was flying a 1942 Boeing Stearman that had been restored to perfect condition by Stearman specialists 3G Classic Aviation of Austria in 2012-13.

The aircraft is named ‘Spirit of Artemis’ – Artemis is the name of the principal sponsor finding the flights, Artemis Investment Management.

The restoration by 3G Classic Aviation was thorough and so good that it won first prize at the 2013 Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) for its technical quality and appearance. It’s fitted with a 300hp Lycoming 680 radial engine. Extra fuel tanks in the top wing give increased endurance. Ceiling is 10,000ft and cruise speed is 95mph.

“Our common aim is to restore these classic airplanes to new condition and give them a second life, flying another 60 years or more,” said 3G Classic Aviation. “Naturally, we operate Boeing Stearman biplanes as well. [It’s] our favourite biplane for our trips across Europe, when doing aerobatic flying or just strolling through the air.”

3G works with several specialists in the USA, including Big Sky Stearman who make new wings, and Radial Engines Inc, one of the leading overhaul shops for radial engines.

3G Classic Aviation
Big Sky Stearman
Radial Engines Inc