Marenco Swisshelicopter (MSH), the Swiss helicopter manufacturer, has unveiled its new brand name: Kopter.

During an inauguration event held at its recently completed corporate and engineering facility, the company’s CEO, Andreas Loewenstein, introduced Kopter to customers, suppliers, partners and staff.

Loewenstein said: “We’re a company with an upward trajectory. Over the past few years, we have grown quickly. To support that growth, and place us as a leader in our field, we need to be clear about who we are. That means investing in our brand and telling our story.”

“Our new name provides us with immediate recognition. It allows us to own a word that is synonymous with helicopter travel. As we are an unmistakably Swiss company, the use of a ‘k’ – instead of a ‘c’ – gives the Kopter a strong, Swiss-Germanic feel. It has a feeling of solidity and dependability – two things that are essential in our industry.”

“Kopter is a modern name. In branding as in engineering, confidence is delivered through simplicity of thought. Kopter is a marker in the ground to let people know we have arrived – and we’re here to stay.”

About Kopter
Kopter’s purpose is to develop, produce and support a new generation of helicopter. It currently employs 250 team members and is based near Zurich, with assembly facilities in Mollis and Näfels, Switzerland. Its first model, the single turbine SH09, offers high standards of safety, comfort and performance, coupled with low operating costs. Built for the most demanding missions, it provides the largest cabin/cargo volumes, outstanding modularity and the latest generation of electronic systems.

Kopter Group AG